A short story about my professional life

One person asked me to write short story about “How you fell in love with coding?”

A little bit about me: since I was seven, the IT industry was always around me. It was very interesting to understand how one or the other device works, especially how hardware like CPU and GPU are made. As a result, I have always been working with the hardware from ZX Spectrum to the present day hardware - in fact, since I was fourteen, I was interested in assembling PC.

My dad is a perfect example for me, I always wanted to be someone like him. When I was little, he was a programmer on assembler. Looking at him, I developed big interest toward computers, how they work, and how to develop programs that calculate what is necessary.

In school, I expressed interest in the Turbo Pascal, Delphi languages and HTML/CSS, and when I was seventeen, I started to get involved in front-end and back-end development (HTML, CSS, and a little PHP). I did not go to university right after school, instead, I took a year off and decided to think about what am I going to do in my life. During that time, I helped couple of kindergartens with building websites, researched and modified different exploits on Perl. Then it clicked, I realized that I loved developing and making something new using computers.

A little more about my professional history: during my sophomore year in university, I became a Technical Specialist that included system administration, maintenance of access control systems, and etc. Then I testing of network equipment (SoC RTL89xxC) based on OpenWrt and Octopus at Angstrem-Telecom. After I got master’s degree in MIET (Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology), I gained knowledge in automating physical design of integrated circuits. During my education, most of the experience was in C, C++, Python and implementation algorithms for standard cell placement, routing, and etc. In addition, the theme of my Master’s dissertation was: “Implementation of a standard cell global placement tool based on modified algorithm “simulated annealing” on stage topological design”. Before I moved to USA, my life and profession were associated with IT-industry.