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Full Stack Engineer

Curriculum Vitae

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  • Experienced Full Stack Developer with expertise in Angular, NestJS, LoopBack, and Express.js, adept at integrating diverse data sources into seamless systems
  • Proficient in Python and experienced in developing and maintaining software within AWS-based data warehouse infrastructure
  • Experienced in building robust microscopy image processing pipelines, implementing API wrappers, and developing Angular components for efficient lab samples data management
  • Proven track record of optimizing applications, automating processes, and contributing to the success of projects through effective collaboration and innovative problem-solving

Skills Summary

Category Skills
Programming Languages JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, C/C++, Bash
Frameworks Angular, NestJS, LoopBack, Express.js, Django
Databases MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, SQLite
Web HTML, CSS, Liquid, XML
AWS Services EC2, S3, DynamoDB, RDS, Redshift, VPC, IAM, ElastiCache, Parameter Store, Lambda
Miscellaneous Git, Docker, Jekyll, LaTeX


Axle Informatics · Rockville, MD

Senior Full Stack Developer

  • Developed a robust microscopy image import and processing pipeline in a NestJS application, utilizing BullMQ for task queuing and Redis for caching
  • Implemented a NestJS API wrapper around OMERO API and OMERO CLI, facilitating the transformation of OMERO objects into internal project entities and enabling the seamless upload of microscopy images from private directories to the OMERO central repository
  • Developed Angular components responsible for lab samples data management and which provide different layouts for tree representation and data grouping by different properties
  • Built API with NestJS framework to operate with tree-based lab samples data structure, it provides ability to use different hierarchies (level sets), and it has role-based and user-based access control
  • Re-implemented Node.js CLI app with oclif framework that processes 2d and 3d Electron Microscopy data to provide Client Credentials Flow instead of Authorization Code Flow and brings new client requested features
  • Participated in upgrading legacy Angular app and back-end Node.js app: adaptation for supporting multiple databases (SharePoint and MySQL) through LoopBack Juggler; Angular components re-implementation according to client’s requirements; REST API implementation with LoopBack framework

Burson Cohn & Wolfe · Washington, DC

Software Engineer

  • Developed serverless app based on AWS Lambda (Node.js back-end), AWS Cognito, AWS API Gateway, AWS S3 (JavaScript front-end) to manage and collect records in DynamoDB for further data extraction and analysis by using AWS Glue and Amazon Athena
  • Implemented Python package to work with NewsWhip and SimilarWeb APIs. Implemented report using this Python package to do NewsWhip and SimilarWeb data analysis

Python DevOps Developer

  • Software development and maintenance that was oriented on social intelligence analytic using Django, PostgreSQL (Redshift), Facebook and Twitter API
  • Automated AWS, including Automating Big Data processing with Python and Boto3
  • Data Warehousing based on Amazon Redshift
  • Reduced company’s monthly bill for Redshift dramatically
  • Built and deployed Docker containers to break up monolithic app into microservices, improving developer workflow, increasing scalability, and optimizing speed
  • Supported and developed a Redshift report that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue per year
  • Used Scrum development methodology and Test Driven Development

Verifeed LLC · Washington, DC

Software Engineering Intern

  • Software development and maintenance that was oriented on social intelligence analytics using Django, Bootstrap
  • Tools development and maintenance for generating reports using Django, PostgreSQL, Git
  • Agile Development and Test Driven Development

Angstrem-Telecom · Moscow, Russia

Junior Network Engineer

  • Tested of embedded network devices (SoC RTL89xxC) based on OpenWrt and Octopus using Bash, iptables
  • Found and fixed bugs and maintained C/C++ code using Git
  • Worked with RTL8188C|CU|CUS, RT8192C|CU wifi chips, RS-232 interface, U-Boot bootloader
  • Debricked routers using JTAG, Serial console
  • Fixed web interfaces using HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Wrote documentation for network equipment using MS Office

Ltd. QDGroup · Moscow, Russia

Technical Specialist

  • Provided support for local office network in working condition and set up of office software and equipment
  • Configured and maintained Windows and *nix servers, and other network equipment
  • Experience of using RS-232, RS-485 communications (corresponding protocols) for debugging via serial console, debrick and firmware replacement of network devices
  • Installed and maintained Apollo Security’s Access Control and Alarm Monitoring System (APACS). Performed firmware replacement, configuration, and interaction for Apollo’s controllers
  • Configured and maintained PBX hardware and Asterisk PBX software

Personal Projects

TeleBuilder · GitHub Repo

Used: Telegram API, TypeScript, GramJS

Simple command message-centric Telegram bot framework, acting as an additional abstraction layer built on top of GramJS

Gromozeka Bot · GitHub Repo

Used: Telegram API, TypeScript, GramJS, TeleBuilder

Bot to assist the user in deleting all of their messages from chat, channel, or conversation on Telegram without requiring admin privileges

TgEraser · GitHub Repo

Used: Python, Telegram API, Telethon

CLI tool to delete all user’s messages from chat, channel, or conversation on Telegram without requiring admin privileges

PlacerSA · GitHub Repo

Used: C/C++, STL, GLUT, Batch scripting

Placer for standard cell placement (global and detailed) based on modified algorithm “simulated annealing” for VLSI and FPGA


National Research University of Electronic Technology (MIET)

Master of Science, Computer Science and Engineering

National Research University of Electronic Technology (MIET)

Bachelor of Science, Electronics and microelectronics