• assessments-for-interviews
    Collection of assessments for interviews
  • concordance
    Test for an interview in C (also did it for myself in C++ and Python). Tool determines lines for every unique word in a file
    The personal website of Vladimir Loskutov. Built using Jekyll and GitHub Pages
  • greenphire-assessment
    Greenphire assessment
  • hacker
    Hacker is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages
  • housing-insights
    Bringing open data to affordable housing decision makers in Washington DC. A D3/Javascript based website to visualize data related to affordable housing in Washington DC. Data processing with Python
  • is_it_up
    Check if machine or service on remote machine is up primarily to be used as a library
  • jekyll-post-helper
    It prepares posts for publishing on photography blog that is based on Jekyll
  • jiggle_version
    Opinionated, no config build version incrementer. No regex. Drop in and go.
  • kata-python
    Short python exercises you could do over and over
  • ModRealistic
    Fork of “Realistic” WordPress theme
  • python-package
    Template for new python packages
  • SimAn
    Standard cell placement (global and detailed) tool based on modified algorithm “simulated annealing”
  • tgeraser
    Tool deletes all your messages from chat/channel/dialog on Telegram
  • UnitConversion
    Test for an interview in C++. It is unit conversion tool